Society of the Serbian scientific research institutions for production engineering


Following a long tradition, the International Conference on Production Engineering - Serbia (ICPE - S 2018) will be held in Kragujevac in 2018 organised by the Department of Production Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac. Previous conferences were held in Kragujevac in 1969, 1985 and 2006.

This conference, like the previous one, is held in times of social change significant for the wider aspects of production engineering. The ownership transformation is for the most part completed. On the other hand, the revival of the economy in the fields of production has only just begun, especially in the field of the metalworking industry. The implementation of the production launch process is slow and incomplete in the remainder of the large industrial systems.

The main objectives of the conference are promoting goals and significance of the production engineering in the fields of economy revitalisation and society in general.

All relevant topics related to production engineering will be presented at Conference, with a focus on new technologies and their significance in production processes. Also, a part of the topics will be linked to the Industry 4.0, globalisation in production organisation and technology transfers.

New publications of the members of the Society of Production Engineering will be promoted at the Conference.

During the Conference, a round table will be organised on education in the field of production engineering and revitalisation of production engineering.

Besides the basic task of the Conference - getting acquainted with the current state of research in the field of manufacturing engineering, we hope that the announced results and roundtable discussions will contribute in defining the development strategy of this significant field for further economic growth of our country.

We cordially invite you to participate at this event from October 25 – 26, 2018, in Kragujevac, and support revitalisation of production engineering in Serbia.

Kragujevac 27.03.2018.

Chairman of the Board
Prof. dr Bogdan Nedić

Previous conferences


XXXI International Conference on Production Engineering, Serbia and Montenegro, Kragujevac, 2006


XXXII International Conference on Production Engineering, Serbia, Novi Sad, 2008


XXXIV International Conference on Production Engineering, Serbia, Niš, 2011


XXXV International Conference on Production Engineering, Serbia, Kraljevo, 2013